Bienvenue sur Beirut Art Critics

Notre blog s’adresse à ceux qui s’intéressent à ce qui se passe sur la scène artistique libanaise.

Artistes, expositions et galeries, vous trouverez toutes les infos, tous les liens et un regard particulier, le nôtre !


One response to “Welcome

  • Vahram Najjar Aghazarian

    To transform simplicity to art is the truest art of all. A simple screw becomes a stroke of a paintbrush, a piece of wood, the canvas. The process is tedious and precise. Slowly but surely, each piece of different measure and sheen, is affixed to create an elaborate puzzle. It is in this simplicity that Vahram creates brilliance.
    Like his life, his art is diverse, vivid and candid. Born in Cyprus, raised in Italy and Lebanon with Armenian ethnicity, his influences stem from a strong cultural bond, an affection for Europe and a fascination of the Middle East.
    From New York to Milan, Paris, Geneva, London and Beirut, Vahram’s art has been sold and exhibited to great acclaim, since his initial exhibition held in Milano in 2007. The world he fashioned was full of contrasting memories. Churches, icons, a Vespa, Charlie Brown, portraits, crosses and a Beetle – all unmistakable, all unique.
    Through Vahram, we begin to understand the significance of life’s little details and that a simple, underestimated tool can become simply beautiful.

    Annie Dilsizian – Keropian

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