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Dear BACritics readers,

We have lost full access to our blog.

In fact, the creation of “” was an exercise during a course at university. We took this exercise far beyond the classroom walls and was a start of a dream come true. Being able to assist to many exhibitions and contribute to the Lebanese cultural scene was exciting and full of bright surprises and enriching experience. The part that allowed all contributors to have access to this one blog, was the teacher, that is surprisingly not responsive to our requests to gain full access to this blog. Having full access will enable us to take it a step further. Perhaps, he also lost access to his email, phone etc.

Due to these circumstances, we ask you to follow us on Facebook to keep up with our news. Eventually, a new blog or website will be created to keep in touch with you.

Thank you.

For those who would like to know a little bit more about us, you can read this brief in french from the Agenda Culturel

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“An anthem of life” art for a good cause


On Wednesday 9 March 2016, Cynthia Sarkis Perros – LUXURY LIMITED EDITION will be launching ART FOR LIFE, a yearly art exhibition aiming to benefit a non-lucrative organization with more than 100 Lebanese artists including painters, sculptors and photographers at the modern LE YACHT CLUB-BEIRUT gallery in Zaitunay Bay.

This year, ART FOR LIFE will be raising funds for TAMANNA, a non-profit organization that grants the wishes of children with critical illnesses.

This event will host an extensive guest list including top VIP’s, businessmen, art collectors, the media and the bloggers for a common cause, which is TO NEVER GIVE UP.


SCUDERIA LEBANON SAL, will be present with their latest Ferrari models displayed within the gallery.

BSL BANK, a consistent supporter of cultural events and Lebanese artists, will partner up with ART FOR LIFE on this occasion.

ANTOINE HAKIM JOAILLIERS will add their own touch in celebrating life through arts and jewelry.

Sincere gratitude goes to all the artists and to the LEBANESE ARTISTS ASSOCIATION OF PAINTERS AND SCULPTORS – LAAPS for their gracious contribution to this exhibition.

ART FOR LIFE will be open to the public from 10 to 13 March from 11 AM to 8 PM.


Ahlam Abbas, May Abboud, Mohammad Abdallah, Hana Abdel Khalek, Daisy Abi Jaber, Daad Abi Saab Souki, Nizar Abou Kays, Sacha Abou Khalil, Sara Abou Mrad, Jad Abou Zeki, Layla Almoussawi, Georges Amatoury, Rania Amro, Rima Amyuni, Youssef Aoun, Maria Arida, Aziza Assad, Rima Assi Dalloul, Maher Attar, Assem Ayoub, Alfred Badr, Badre Badre, Haibat Balaa Bawwab, Bénédicte Bali, Noura Baydoun, Elie Bekhazi, Zaher El Bizri, Rania Bohlok, Rached Bohsali, Bokja Design, Roula Chamseddine, Fouad Chehab, Wafica Chehab, Roula Chreim, Mahmoud Daoud, Hiba Darwish, Elias Dib, Mona Ezzedine, Leone Fabiano, Imad Fakhri, Amal Fakih, Joseph Faloughi, Charbel Fares, Rima Farroukh, Aline Fattal, Vanessa Gemayel, Hala Gharzeddine, Layal Gholam, Elsa Ghossoub, Mansour El Habre, Maya Hage, Nasser Al Halabi, Kameel Hawa, Najla Hobeiche, Assia Hobeika Massabki, Mohamed Hourani, Hania Husami, Emile Issa, Darine Jaber, Sayde Jabra, Yahya Al Jamal, Nada Karam, Pierre Karam, Zohrab Keshishian, Mona Kabbani Khater, Suzanne Khairallah, Sarah Khayat, Haifa Khodr Husni Bey, Alexandre Khoury, Charles Khoury, Jad El Khoury, Adel Kodeih, Sahar Labban, Nabil Melki, George Merheb, Simon Mhanna, Lydia Moawad, Iman Mokadam, Véra Mokbel, Vicky Mokbel, Jinan Moussa, Alberto Nehme, Randa Nehme, Samira Nehme, Youssef Nehme, Yasmina Nysten, Soraya Obeid, Jacqueline Ohanian, Riad Oueida, Dima Raad, Marina Ramadi, Lamis Rammal, Nayla Romanos Iliya, Michel Rouhana, Soha Sabbagh, Reine Salem, Amin Sammakieh, Rida Al Sayed, Nada Sehnaoui, Souheil Semaan, Caroline Semerjian, George Seryao, Antoine Soued, Mohamad Succarie, Missak Terzian, Atef Tohme, Carole Torbey, Gulene Torossian Der Boghossian, Nada Traboulsi, Zena Yachoui, Hassan Yateem, Rawia Zantout, Ghassan Zard, Fouad Zibawi, Farid Zoghbi, Marianna Zoghbi, Sara Zoghbi.


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Lara Khatchikian-Soulful of Light

 After some collective exhibitions (AGBU/ESCWA/DT Beirut Art Festival/Aley summer festival), Lara Khatchikian decided to play it solo. ‘Soulful of light’, her first solo exhibition, opens at l’Osteria (Mar Mikhail) on Tuesday, January 24th, at 6 p.m. Why l’Osteria and not an art gallery? To her, l’Osteria is “where one feels at home among wonderful friends and people… I wanted my first step to be singular.”

Lara Khatchikian has always immersed herself in Continue reading

Karim Chaya-Beirut Rock Center

On December 1st , the Beirut Art Center was bustling with energy. Upstairs, or in the Lebanese designers space, took place an exhibition of rocking chairs. Among the crowd, a man in a white-shirt invited people to sit on the chairs to discover them. The man was Karim Chaya, whose creations filled the space, inside and outside! The day was the opening of his exhibition, “Beirut Rock Center.” .

Karim Chaaya grew up in Beirut and studied Industrial Design at Rhode Island School of Design in the United States.

Growing up, he remembers watching his father “always working with his hands… He did things and made us do things and fix things and change things…” Yet, his father also “taught [him] to use [his] eyes before using [his] hands”, a philosophy he applies to design to this day.

His university training imparted him a very hands-on approach to design, reminiscent of Bauhaus methods, where, “before you learn how to design a chair or table you have to know how to make it. You have to know materials, methods, machines, and techniques.” His final graduation project is his beloved metal chair. Continue reading

Rue Huvelin, un film ambitieux

L’avant-première de Rue Huvelin a eu lieu ce Mercredi 16 Novembre 2011 au Metropolis (cinéma Sofil), où étudiants, participants à la réalisation du film, politiciens, journalistes, professeurs et hommes religieux se mêlaient à de jeunes filles portant des T-Shirts “<3 Huvelin” (Love Huvelin), jus et petits-fours à la main. Les invités avaient le choix entre films à  sous-titrages français ou anglais présentés chacun dans une des deux salles du cinéma de Sofil.
Rue Huvelin est une oeuvre fictive oui, mais Continue reading

]Vladimir Kurumilian[entre deux crochets]

Depuis son très jeune âge, parce qu’une histoire doit commencer ainsi, Vladimir Kurumilian grandit sans jamais quitter le piano, l’instrument qu’il se choisit  à 5 ans.

Après une interruption pendant cinq ans de ses cours au Conservatoire National d’études pour poursuivre ses études d’architecture intérieure, il se remet au piano pour ne plus le lâcher. Sa mission? Continue reading

Doppio Senso/Tarik Mouzdawej, double sens, quatre thèmes, plusieurs artistes, un seul projet.

Un groupe d’artistes réunis par un personnage mystérieux, ‘uscochi’ , à la base du concept, dans une expérience unique de journalisme graphique.

Des artistes pluridisciplinaires, des peintres, graphistes et illustrateurs, se sont se sont mis en binômes pour un atelier de travail, dans les lieux du Collectif Kahraba,  afin de réaliser des oeuvres qui illustreront quatre livres aux thèmes différents.

Huit artistes donc, de diverses nationalités (quatre italiens, trois libanais et un syrien) – Jana Traboulsi, Paper Resistance, Barrak Rima, Gianluca Costantini, Fadi Adleh, Allegra Corbo, Hala Dabaji et Vito Manolo Romache – et quatre thèmes: le portrait, le paysage, les espaces intérieurs et l’environnement, exposés de vendredi 14 octobre à dimanche 16 octobre aux Saifi Urban Gardens.

Quelques jours avant l’ouverture de l’exposition, nous avons rencontré  ‘uscochi’ et Allegra Corbo dans les bureaux de Plan Bey. Cette dernière nous a expliqué que cette expérience était sa première dans le domaine du journalisme graphique Continue reading